Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hey lookit Speedy's gonna do.... he's nutz hehehehe

U see this. Speedy said i'm his sponsererer. Is that good? Is it somethin I can eat? how about stuff u give me 2 say how good i am? ohhhh :-( oh well speeedy i'll be ya sponsererer any day cause ur my frend oooohhh isn't the elf cute :-) hehehehehehe
So i'm stickin this here an speeedy's gonna stick me somewhere he said. He did. honest!!!
So i recon evry1 should be speeedy's sponsererer. If the elf can do it y not u???
Hey!! an wile ya at it clickit the &%$&^& button will ya hehehehehehehe

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Hey!!! wear is evry1?
If u'd been here the lady hooo gave me the hat wouldn't keep winnin hehehehehehe
But hey, she's a smarty hat hehehehehe
An just cause I'm a cowelf now YeeeeeeeHaaaawwwww!!!! she gave me a cow and a horse 2 an cause I'm tuff with big mussels I dont need a saddle hehehehe
u'll have 2 wait till tomorrow now 4 the next clue cause I'm all worn out an I gotta have a snack but I got nothin :-(
Hey!! How about you lousy peeple hooo haven't clickit clickit clickit yet get clickin. Go on it won't hurt ya and besides I'm worth it cause I'm just so cute :-) hehehehehehe

The next Numba

Hey the 1st numba was 20 and the lady hoo promised me a cowboy hat got it 1st so she's the winna !!!! hehehehehehehe
ok u dummies wots the next numba. U must be real sad that an elf is smarta than U hehehehehehehe
The next numba is the numba of peeple who clickit it so far (the rest of u r mean and lousy hehehehe) plus the numba of days in the song about Christmas less the numba of leapin lords plus the numba of swimmin swans times the numba of rings.
Common wot's keepin u. I already worked it out but then again I'm smarta than U hehehehehehe
I wish u'd all hurry up cause I need 2 get in me chest. The pweety lady knitted me sum socks but I got smelly feet an need lots hehehehehehehehe
Hey how about some more stuff 4 me. I like pwezzies :-) hehehehehehehe

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hey!! I got stuff an wot ru doin??

Hey lookit I got. That nice lady hooos tree fell in the lake gave it 2 me and it's mine. u can't have it. I might give it 2 some1 though if ya nice 2 me hehehehehehehehe. Am I good or wot? hehehehehe

An the eeeeeeeeeeeeek ghost gave me this 1. hey ur not so bad afterall ghost. just scaaaaarrry woooooooooooo. hehehehehehhehehe
Lookit me big mussels Ahhhh U scared yet? hehehehehehehe
ok listen up the rest of u. Where's all the stuff ur givin me. You cheap or somethin. Be kind to the elf week!!! hehehehehehehehehe
Wile I'm here I spose u want the combination clue. So are u watchin real close. The first numba is the numba of feet i got times the number of reindeer on Santa's sleigh plus the numba of feet kitty's got less 2. Got that? Comon!!! wot's taken u so long? hehehehehehe
An wile ur at it don't forget 2 clickit clickit clickit hehehehehehehe

Monday, September 24, 2007

Hey Froggy I got sumthin 4 ya

Hey Froggy I told ya I'd give u somethin 4 findin me hat an here it is. Am I good or wot.

Hey evry1 i'm still waitin for lots of awards an stuff. Evry1 else gets em so y not the elf. Yeah Elf!!!
I bet u haven't clickit it yet either. Yeah I'm talkin 2 u. U at the back tryin 2 hide.

Have u worked out my combination yet? I spose u want a clue. hehehehehehe
Next time hehehehehehe

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Help me with my combination or I lose the Kitty's hat

ok gimme the combination to my lock or the kitty don't get the hat back. Besides this hat is real nice an warm and i like it an it fits real good except it smells like cat litter yuuuuuck!!!
Does ne1 no my combination? I thought I'd ask first an then I guess I'll have ta give u clues cause u lot aren't real bright. hehehehehehehehehe
Hey!! Is ne1 else gonna give me somethin? Come on look after the elf. I'm only little ya no.
Hey!! How come evry1's going hehehehehe now? Can't ya think of somethin of ur own? hehehehehehe

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The hat ... i done took it hehehehe

I'm in big twouble :-( It was an honest mistake. Honest!!

I took her hat and said it wus mine cause it was sooooo nice an I just had a ratty 1 an it was calling to me.... taaaaake me... taaaaake me... taaaake me so wot could i do. I'm just a poor weak little elf and the hat wus 2 strong 4 me 2 say no 2

NE way, the frog found it so she gets the prize an I'm weally sooowy to the nice lady 4 nickin her hat hehehehehehehehhehe

Hey!!! Froggy found me hat!! Wooo Hooo

That dasterdly dwedful cwiminal Zephyr nicked it an she's been wearin it so all the combination numbers to me lock have worn off, Yikes!!!!

Now wot am I gonna do? hehehehehehehehhehehehehe

Hey!!! I no Y Rudolph disappeard

Hey!! I finally found out Y Rudolph disapeard all of a sudden. I found the photos an here is 1. eeeeeeeeeekk
Poor Rudolph. No wonder he ran an I bet all of U r lookin over ur shoulder at Santa now.
Has ne1 found my fancy hat yet? Wot on earth R U doin? It's not like I buried it or somthin. Hurry up. I have ta go to a fancy party soon an I need it

I got Nice Stuff.... ne1 else?

Hey!! Lookit I got. I got stuff hehehehehehehehe
The Cat Man gave me this nice big yellow one cause he sez I make him laugh heheheheh Well that's not real hard. I make myself laugh hehehehehe an let's face it, the cat man will laugh at ne thing hehehehe Thank u Cat man.
Hey!! an lookit Speedy gave me. I'm totally fabulous. well I already new that but I guess if I stick it on the
side of my page nun of u will forget it. hehehehehehehe I like Speedy. I gave him somethin 2 remember? hehehehe
Hey!! The rest of u. Wot u got? I want stuff. I like it. Makes me feel all loved and evrything hehehehehe
I bet sum of u haven't clickit yet. Go on! it won't hurt ya hehehehe

Monday, September 17, 2007

Hey!!! Listen up!!! were's me hat!!!!!

OK. U C this? That's wot some1 stole from me an I want it back. Got it!!!!!!! hehehehehe
I told ya where I saw it an no1 is even lookin. r u? Huh? go on admit it.
I told ya if u find it I'll give u somethin nice. Honest. Elves don't lie hehehehehehehe
R U gonna leave it to the froggy and the cat and the cat man 2 find it again this time. Some1 else must be lookin. Honest, I saw it on 1 of Santa's sites and I couldn't believe my eyes that some1 would actually nick my hat and wear it. Not nice!! hehehehehehehe
Of course if ur the guilty 1 u can always own up an I'll still give ya somethin.
Hey!! an wile I think of it that nice lady Christy gave me a nice badge that I stuck on the side with the other ones I got. NE1 else can give me stuff 2 ya no. Come on!! Make the elf feel loved hehehehehehehehehe
and wile ya at it will ya pweeeeze clickit if ya haven't already. Geez it's hard work sometimes. Clickit already will ya. I'll click ya back. Honest hehehehehehehehehe

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I'm baaaaaaaaack!!!!

Hey did u miss me? I've been havin a holiday with kitty an look... I taught him 2 fly with his new santa suit with the big Red S for Santa hehehehehehehehe

has ne1 found my hat yet. I no where it is but you lot r 2 dum 2 work it out so I'll give u a clue. It's in Santa's site. Someone stole it an I want it back or else hehehehehehehehe

If U find it I'll give ya somethin nice, Honest I will. I did last time didn't I? hehehehehehe

Because I've had a nice time away I made some stuff 4 some people who been real nice 2 me so here it is. Come an get it and I want lots of CLICKIT CLICKIT CLICIT as pay back and lots of awards 4 me 2 hehehehehehehehehehe

I'm givin this to the froggy, the cat man, the kitty, the slug lady, the lady hoos tree fell in the lake, the pweety lady hoo grew a beard wile i been away, santa, the ghost, the lady hoos name rymes with lemonade, Barbie, the fairy, speedy an the lady hoos lost. If I feel like it I mite do some more later. That is if ya nice 2 me an u also CLICKIT CLICIT CLICIT hehehehehehehhehehehehe

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

i want my hat back!! I didn't kidnap Rudolph!!

U see this? the last time an elf went missin did I go around blamin evry1? no, I didn't and look where the elf was all the time. hehehehehehehe
All i no is someone stole my hat and i want it back. I no someone did cause i have a photo of some1 wearin it and they look really guilty 2 me. when u find the photo u'll no who has my hat. Help me find it an I'll give ya somethin :-)
i didn't kidnap Rudolph. He's my friend an I wouldn't do n e thing 2 hurt him so stop blamin me. I didn't do it!!!!!
Hey!! wile ya here.. did u clickit 4 me. go on. it won't hurt and I pwomise i'll click ya back hehehehehehehehehe

Monday, September 10, 2007

it wasn't me so stop sayin it was ok?

ok listen up. this is my good hat an some1 stole it. i didn't lose it like u think. I no some1 has it and there wearin it 2 so give it back. this isn't funny. hehehehehehehehe
an while i'm at it i didn't kidnap rudolph. that's got nothin 2 do with me at all. How could it be. I haven't been near the North Pole for ages now and if I did Santa would boot my butt so stop blamin me. hehehehehehhe
if u think i'm gonna be losin things all the time to play games ur mistaken. Give me back my hat!!!!!!!!!!
Hey!!! why idn'y ne1 clickin the button. Wot's wrong with u. Clickit clickit clickit hehehehehehehe

Saturday, September 8, 2007


Hey i'll get back 2 u soon. I'm just lookin 4 me hat. I no it's here somewhere hehehehehe
while ya waitin pweeeeze clickit clickit clickit. did ya? huh? go on. help the elf. no one else will :-(
i'll be right with u. where is that hat!!!!!!!!
i bet 1 of u stole it. hehehehehehehehe

Friday, September 7, 2007

hey it took 3 of them 2 work it out an lots o clues

hey!!! i told ya i'd give u somethin nice. what do ya think? pretty good huh? i coulda given u some &^%&*&^ but now u no i'm nice an took lots o time makin this stuff for u
so do u like it or wot?
Hey!!!!!! has ne1 seen my hat? hehehehehehehehehe
u'd better put a link 2 me on this stuff or i'll eat the cat hehehehehehehe
did u clickit clickit clickit yet??? Huh? did ya??

Thursday, September 6, 2007

No key no more

ok i no u all think ur so smart even after i gave u 7 trillion clues an i need clean socks evry day so i got rid of the key an changed to a combination lock. i won't have that problem again heheheheheheh
do ya like it. it's nice an red just like Santa hehehehe
now all i gotta do is remember the numba. i'll write it on the inside of my hat and then i won't have a problem. will i?
can ya at least go and clickit clickit clickit 4 me if ya haven't already? will ya? pweeeeze?
hey. did ya like the nice prezzies i got from the kitty and the lady whos tree fell in the lake. cool eh? hehehehehe
i'll let ya no how the new lock goes.

the key is found!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey listen up. some smarty finally found my key. I mean i just about had 2 draw a map an tattoo it on my.. but.. they finally found it. hehehehehe

i'm not sure if kitty found it or the frog or cat man but i'm sure when they finish gloating about how they could finally work it out after 7 trillion clues that i'll find out hooo to reward.

oh yeah. did i tell ya. i had a spare key so i got my socks days ago hehehehehehehe

so hoo wants the prize. someone tell me will ya or i'll keep it 4 myself

now that ur all happy will ya pweeeeze go an clickit clickit clickit. i entertained ya didn't i? so don't i get lots o clicks? huh?

hey. i got stuff hehehehehe

lookit the kitty gave me. and i was just about 2 paint him blue. i won't now .yet. hehehehehe oooohhh thaaanku kitty. lookit the pweeeety kitty hehehehe
an then the pweeety lady whos tree fell in the lake gave me this. am i good or wot hehehehehe thaaaanku pweeety lady hehehehehe

The final clue 4 people hooo don't think hehehe

hey wot's up with u people. do ya honestly think i'd leave my key with someone i don't no or trust. who is the man!! there's only 1 person i no and we all no we can trust him no matter what so work it out dummies! hehehehehehehe
Geeez do ya want me to do all of this by myself. why don't i just draw ya a pitcha
whoever let's me no first get's something . aren't i nice :-)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

How many clues ya want? Huh?

wot's wrong with u people. can't u read or somethin! i gave u 2 clues. the cat man doesn't have the key and he can say he does as much as he wants. he doesn't have it. hehehehehehehehe

4 dummies here's the clues again.

clue 1. it's at the start
clue 2 iiiit's iiiiin a coooommmment sooomewhere. I said it slowly for ya hehehehehe

I suppose u want another clue. do i have to go get it myself?

ok. here's another clue. it's one of u that has it

hey! while ya at it don't forget to clickit clickit clickit. I clicked ya back hehehehehehe

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

here's a clue for u

wot's wrong with u people. Can't find my key? r u even lookin? huh? ru?
This is wot it looks like. It's not on a piano or in my chest or even in my sock and i don't no what the owl is all about
i need my key cause i need my socks. Read my lips.... i'll say it slooooowly. i need my key
Hey.. have you clickit clickit clickit yet? u better have or i'll steal ur socks. hehehehehe
ok for u dum people here is a clue.
its at the start. There. Got that?
u want me to draw u a pitcha or somethin?
don't forget to clickit clicit clickit will ya? pweeeeeeeeze :-)
i bet u don't no what i'm talking about. I'll make this real clear. r u listenin? Itttt's iiiiin aaaaa commmeeeent sooooomewhere! hehehehehehehehehehe

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Hey! u all deaf? hoo got my key

do i have ta say it slooooowly. hoo got my key?

i hid it in someone's blog somewhere and i can't open my chest to get my socks without it so give it back.

if ya find it i'll give ya somethin real nice. honest!! u won't be sowwy


Hey kitty man, u don't have it hehehehe and the kitty is mine. if i don't get lots o clickit clickit clickit 4 me i'm gonna eat the kitty hehehehehehehehe

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