Thursday, September 20, 2007

Help me with my combination or I lose the Kitty's hat

ok gimme the combination to my lock or the kitty don't get the hat back. Besides this hat is real nice an warm and i like it an it fits real good except it smells like cat litter yuuuuuck!!!
Does ne1 no my combination? I thought I'd ask first an then I guess I'll have ta give u clues cause u lot aren't real bright. hehehehehehehehehe
Hey!! Is ne1 else gonna give me somethin? Come on look after the elf. I'm only little ya no.
Hey!! How come evry1's going hehehehehe now? Can't ya think of somethin of ur own? hehehehehehe


فارلي الأبد said...

Hurry! Give him the code or he might slobber on my beautiful, fluffy, deluxe model Santa hat!

Kim said...

oh dear poor Kitty is upset :( a good little elf and give the hat back please......if you do I will give you a secret surprise :D

purplefrogcat said...

i will look for the kitties cat. I found the last hat and still haven`t seen anything for finding it for you. So, what going on? You are starting to show yourself to be not very trustworthy at all to anybody. The ghost man really wants to BBQ you.

purplefrogcat said...

is the combination -12-25-07?