Thursday, September 6, 2007

hey. i got stuff hehehehehe

lookit the kitty gave me. and i was just about 2 paint him blue. i won't now .yet. hehehehehe oooohhh thaaanku kitty. lookit the pweeeety kitty hehehehe
an then the pweeety lady whos tree fell in the lake gave me this. am i good or wot hehehehehe thaaaanku pweeety lady hehehehehe


Kim said...

ROFL.....elf......I'm so pleased that you are being good.....and now that you have found your can enjoy your weekend ;)
(no painting Kitty blue though....because that's naughty :0

purplefrogcat said...

How could you ever think about painting the cat blue. We don`t do that to our animals. You always could color your hair blue instead. I think you would look good. I got bored with my hair and i colored mine purple..

-Jeane Michelle Culp ndpthepoetress said...

Congratulations Blog Elf on your awards! Though you can be so ornery, they just give you love in return. Maybe they hope you will stop all your shenanigans and come play with Magical Golden Cat, perhaps ride upon his back! After all, aren’t you suppose to be busy helping check whose been Naughty and whose been Nice?