Tuesday, September 4, 2007

here's a clue for u

wot's wrong with u people. Can't find my key? r u even lookin? huh? ru?
This is wot it looks like. It's not on a piano or in my chest or even in my sock and i don't no what the owl is all about
i need my key cause i need my socks. Read my lips.... i'll say it slooooowly. i need my key
Hey.. have you clickit clickit clickit yet? u better have or i'll steal ur socks. hehehehehe
ok for u dum people here is a clue.
its at the start. There. Got that?
u want me to draw u a pitcha or somethin?
don't forget to clickit clicit clickit will ya? pweeeeeeeeze :-)
i bet u don't no what i'm talking about. I'll make this real clear. r u listenin? Itttt's iiiiin aaaaa commmeeeent sooooomewhere! hehehehehehehehehehe


Shinade said...

I know it's the golden rose award....the key to my heart...do I have to find the exact post? Geezzzz this has got to be it!!! and I ahve clicked and clicked!! Zubli gort the very first award and the very first key to our hearts.

Blog Elf said...

yeah but not this key hehehehehe

Shinade said...

Well you haven't commented on my blog yet...so I have no idea where to look...Grrrrrrr!!!!! I am going to tell Santa on you ...you naughty boy!!

Blog Elf said...

u got a cat? hehehehehe want me to look after it? hehehe

OS9USER said...

If you left your key in a comment somewhere, it could be hidden among thousands of bloggers. I'll watch for it , however the odd's are slim I will find it.

JaniceNW said...

Ok My cute little Blog Elf.......WHO is hoo? Where is hoo? Because I believe that is where your key is.

Blog Elf said...

so far 2 clues. u got to read all the words. hehehehehehehe

Jos said...

Blog Elf, I think Zubli has your key.
Lok what he said in a comment on my blog:
"Anonymously me...Zubli Zainordin, best friend of the BlogElf who light my fire the pet, now we gotta buy Shampoo and conditioner suggested by Santa Claus. My dear all blue the only, I did not remain anonymous just now, until I forgot my password, must be in his chest box the BlogElf, the key I have, and the key is I left it on my piano. LOL!!! (Wispher) C. Do you see? Yes, that's the key. Yes!!! We are onto the next level of blogging excitements with this award of awesomenizationness. You lift me up! Yes, while I am in a lift. Hehehehe!"

purplefrogcat said...

please come to http://purplefrogcat.blogspot.com
i have something over there for you.

Blog Elf said...

no 1 right yet. The cat man doesn't have it and he won't. u have 2 clues so wot r u waiting 4. hehehehehehehe