Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hey!! I got stuff an wot ru doin??

Hey lookit I got. That nice lady hooos tree fell in the lake gave it 2 me and it's mine. u can't have it. I might give it 2 some1 though if ya nice 2 me hehehehehehehehe. Am I good or wot? hehehehehe

An the eeeeeeeeeeeeek ghost gave me this 1. hey ur not so bad afterall ghost. just scaaaaarrry woooooooooooo. hehehehehehhehehe
Lookit me big mussels Ahhhh U scared yet? hehehehehehehe
ok listen up the rest of u. Where's all the stuff ur givin me. You cheap or somethin. Be kind to the elf week!!! hehehehehehehehehe
Wile I'm here I spose u want the combination clue. So are u watchin real close. The first numba is the numba of feet i got times the number of reindeer on Santa's sleigh plus the numba of feet kitty's got less 2. Got that? Comon!!! wot's taken u so long? hehehehehehe
An wile ur at it don't forget 2 clickit clickit clickit hehehehehehehe


purplefrogcat said...

hope i am right.

Kim said...

you're not talking to yerself on Blog Log are you ????...
that's a bit of a worry elf....
have you been taking those special elf tablets?????
ok I have the combination...
you have 2 feet x
- Rudolf doesn't count because he who not part of the original reindeer but came later from the song - Rudolf the red nose reindeer
so that = 8 which = 16 + 2 of Kitty's feet which =
2 ... 16 .... 2
tah dah !!!!!!!!!!!!
have I won ??????????????

cotojo said...

Hello lttle Elf,

Flexing your muscles now are you? Just look at those biceps, will have to keep an eye on you :)

I agree with Kim, as you have 2 feet, unless of course you have had a few extra added to help you scurry along a bit faster, and there are 8 Reindeer that pull Santa's sleigh, and Kitty has 4 feet, so given your clue, the first number has to be 18.......2 (your feet) x 8 (Reindeer)= 16 + 4 (kitty feet) = 20 Less 2 = 18

the ghosty man :)

Shinade said...

Well I am really numb at these things but 2X9=18 + 2=20....my guess is 20.

purplefrogcat said...

the number has to be 20, i am with shinade on this on. Santa said he has 9 reindeer to pull the sleigh-that helped with the answer.

cotojo said...

Now the problem here is that Santa says 9 Reindeer pull his sleigh, so there is an extra one? So that would mean your feet, 2 x 9 Reindeer = 18 + kitty's 4 feet = 22 - 2 which is 20.
Now if what Santa says is correct, and he is an authority on this so we have to take his word for it, then your first number has to be 20.

However, if you go with the original 8 Reindeer, Dasher,Dancer,Prancer,Vixen,Comet,Cupid,Donner & Blitzen then your first number for your combination has to be 18.

Would you care to clear the confusion as to whether it is the original 8 Reindeer or the modern version with 9 Reindeer including Rudolph.

So stop Elfing around and spit it out...

ghosty :)

Blog Elf said...

hey r u lot dum or soemthin. hehehehe I said the 1st numba didn't I/ an since wen lately hasn't Rudolph led the sleigh. RU 100 years old or somethin cause that's neerly how long it is since Rudolph started leadin the sleigh. Geeez hehehehehehe

The lady hooo promised me the hat got it rite 1st so she's the winna!!! it's 20. Even an elf could work that out hehehehehe but hey!! There's more numbas 2 come yet hehehehe