Monday, September 10, 2007

it wasn't me so stop sayin it was ok?

ok listen up. this is my good hat an some1 stole it. i didn't lose it like u think. I no some1 has it and there wearin it 2 so give it back. this isn't funny. hehehehehehehehe
an while i'm at it i didn't kidnap rudolph. that's got nothin 2 do with me at all. How could it be. I haven't been near the North Pole for ages now and if I did Santa would boot my butt so stop blamin me. hehehehehehhe
if u think i'm gonna be losin things all the time to play games ur mistaken. Give me back my hat!!!!!!!!!!
Hey!!! why idn'y ne1 clickin the button. Wot's wrong with u. Clickit clickit clickit hehehehehehehe


cotojo said...

Hiya Elfy,
you getting all worked up again huh? First you lose your key, then your pants disappeared and now your hat!!
Are you sure you're not sitting on it to keep your little butt warm?

ps: I have clicked it click click click click


Kim said...

all right elf
I believe that you didn't take Rudolph.......
ps have you read the story about the little boy who cried Wolf !!!!
I've clicked toooooo...and thanks for the fave toooooooooooooo :D