Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The hat ... i done took it hehehehe

I'm in big twouble :-( It was an honest mistake. Honest!!

I took her hat and said it wus mine cause it was sooooo nice an I just had a ratty 1 an it was calling to me.... taaaaake me... taaaaake me... taaaake me so wot could i do. I'm just a poor weak little elf and the hat wus 2 strong 4 me 2 say no 2

NE way, the frog found it so she gets the prize an I'm weally sooowy to the nice lady 4 nickin her hat hehehehehehehehhehe


Santa Claus said...

Ho! Ho! Ho! Naughty elf!!

Zubli Zainordin said...

Emmm, the adorable BlogElf, you are revealing more about your self. Not only we know how nice are your twinny orangy, but, we also know your irresistibility nature to the temptationnizationness in your life. Now! Honest is honest, yet mistake is still a mistake punishable by law. I am thinking, if 5 days you are not here with us, we miss you so much. What if, 500 years you are in jail!!! Okay, I have connection. If you are taken by the Elf Police and you are no longer innocence because found guilty in the court of law, just wink, Santa Claus and I, we shall ask for full pardon, total forgiveness, just for you. Then I expect more playfullness from you as we move to experience more enthusiasm, excitement, enjoyment and enlightenment within this Blog World. I salute you for the game well devised! Yes, one which is only the BlogElf, can...

Blog Elf said...

it wus the hats fault hehehehehehe

Kim said...

oh boy ...oh boy.....Elf....lucky that you owned up....... :D

cotojo said...

oh dear Elf, now are you going to put yourself in the naughty or nice book and if so what as?

As you took another persons hat, what have you done with yours? And what about your combination lock numbers?

Now we must ponder as to what you will lose next!!

Have a clickity click clicked day

ghost :)