Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Hey!!! wear is evry1?
If u'd been here the lady hooo gave me the hat wouldn't keep winnin hehehehehehe
But hey, she's a smarty hat hehehehehe
An just cause I'm a cowelf now YeeeeeeeHaaaawwwww!!!! she gave me a cow and a horse 2 an cause I'm tuff with big mussels I dont need a saddle hehehehe
u'll have 2 wait till tomorrow now 4 the next clue cause I'm all worn out an I gotta have a snack but I got nothin :-(
Hey!! How about you lousy peeple hooo haven't clickit clickit clickit yet get clickin. Go on it won't hurt ya and besides I'm worth it cause I'm just so cute :-) hehehehehehe


Shinade said...

Oh wow this is my night....I never get math correct....I am so excited!!:)))

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Hi Shinade Lady!

Blog Elf - I just came over to your place through a wormhole at Speedie's place, and you thought I did not care ... :-)

I made you a sponserer heheheheheheheeehah heeeeeeeeee!

Blog Elf said...

wooo hooo. a wot??? hehehehehehe Is it sumthin I can eat? sumthin 2 stick on here 2 say how good i am or wot?

I don't care. I just want stuff!!!!! hehehehehhe