Monday, September 24, 2007

Hey Froggy I got sumthin 4 ya

Hey Froggy I told ya I'd give u somethin 4 findin me hat an here it is. Am I good or wot.

Hey evry1 i'm still waitin for lots of awards an stuff. Evry1 else gets em so y not the elf. Yeah Elf!!!
I bet u haven't clickit it yet either. Yeah I'm talkin 2 u. U at the back tryin 2 hide.

Have u worked out my combination yet? I spose u want a clue. hehehehehehe
Next time hehehehehehe


purplefrogcat said...

Thanks blog elf. I will put it up real soon. So, where have you been?in jail?or. on the run again?

Blog Elf said...

i been havin another holiday. I deserve it