Tuesday, September 11, 2007

i want my hat back!! I didn't kidnap Rudolph!!

U see this? the last time an elf went missin did I go around blamin evry1? no, I didn't and look where the elf was all the time. hehehehehehehe
All i no is someone stole my hat and i want it back. I no someone did cause i have a photo of some1 wearin it and they look really guilty 2 me. when u find the photo u'll no who has my hat. Help me find it an I'll give ya somethin :-)
i didn't kidnap Rudolph. He's my friend an I wouldn't do n e thing 2 hurt him so stop blamin me. I didn't do it!!!!!
Hey!! wile ya here.. did u clickit 4 me. go on. it won't hurt and I pwomise i'll click ya back hehehehehehehehehe


Zubli Zainordin said...

Okay...so let us together find Rudolph, shall we. Then...you hat! I click it already. Nice pic of Santa Claus. Hehehehe.

Zubli Zainordin said...

I smell Rudolph and the Magical Golden Cat here. Hows comes?

Blog Elf said...

here kitty. hey! the blue is almost done!!! hehehehehehehehehe

Zubli Zainordin said...

11th Sep 6:53 pm

hey kitty man. where u been lately? huh? hehehehehe

I am here. I seeemeelll my the Magical Golden Cat and Rudolph. Please go Santa Community Blog now. Your face nice on Wanted List. Reward Given. Nice.

Blog Elf said...

hey. i didn't do it. I wus framed. i just want my hat back. hehehehhehehehehe

cotojo said...

Well I guess your bald head is getting kinda cold without your hat huh?
What you mean you was framed? Only pictures get framed, what's your excuse huh?
First you lose your key, then your pants are round your knees and now you lost your hat!!!
I think you lost the plot on the way round too :)

the ghosty man LOL

JaniceNW said...

Mr Elf has you considered looking the dryer????

Mariuca said...

Hello cutie! I've just tagged u on a cool meme, come see!

Blog Author Ann Clemmons said...

Hello Cutie pie! I haven't said hello in awhile. I hope you're doing o.k., I mean with the exception of the drama!


purplefrogcat said...

Nice to see you back. Did you see what i found for you? Hope you like it..ribbit,ribbit,ribbit...