Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thanks 4 the stuff hehehehehhehe

hey can U beleve that ratman. He still says he doesn't do ne thing rong and yet the thing I was complainin about was him steelin me posts and teeling lies about sayin I talk 2 him in private. What a goose hehehehehhehehe ya hav 2 be reel dumb 2 say ya didn't do sumthin when it's rite there on the page hehehehehehehe

NE way enuff of him. I don't like negtiv stuff neway so today I wanna say thaaaaaanku 4 all the stuff i"ve been gettin again. I no I missed a lot an u'll welly have 2 tell me if I did an I'm sowwy if I did but I'm a busy elf ya no. I still luv ya hehehehehehehhe

well 1st I recon speedy is reel nice. he did a thing about chickens that don't speek and he put my pitcha on it. how cool is that eh? hehehehehhehe so thaaaaanku speedy. U me brutha. Do we spit on our hands and rub em togetha an stuff now? hehehehhehehehe ptoooey hehehehhe

an that little buzzin bee gave me stuff 2. U see it at the top? I recon he shood go bite some1 on there big hairy butt hehehehehehe oh yeah! He already did hehehhehehehhehe hey walter. how's things hehehehehehhe

An the lemonade Lady was weely nice and gave me a cat with a funny tail, a couple of funny little peeple that I can't make dance like evry1 else, a cool and crazy thing hehehehehehhehehehehhe an a Blooger of the world badge cause i'm the best hehehehhehe Thank u lemonade lady

I just no I missed out sayin thanku 4 lots of stuff. I'm weally sorry if I did an u can tell me if ya wan't cause i don't want 2 miss any stuff i got from ne1. Thanku 2 all the peele i didn't thank hehehehehehhehehehehe

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rat man is a liar and a cheat

Ok listen up u lot. I no I'm not the smartest elf there is or the nicest but what just happened has reely %$%^# me off weally big time.

I have tried to be nice and have told a certain person 2 just leave me alone but now he is tellin lies about me and I'm not puttin up with that.

I have been nice and not named the person who has been hacking and cheating and lying and takin the credit for what evry1 else does but this time he went 2 far and said things about me which r a total lie 2 make it look like I'm a friend of his. I used 2 be I no until I saw what he was doin and how he was hurting peeple and the way he was chattin up all the women and talkin dirty 2 them when he is married and has 7 kids. I'm not even that creepy. Evry time he did it the women would get so upset they would leave or block him because he's 2 stupid 2 get the point and leave them alone. He used to send me dirty pitchas and think it was funny. Creep!!!! Why do ya think the blog fairy disappeared. Cause of him. and now the new blog fairy is hidin from him. Well done creep. Y don't ya find some otha creep to pick on and leave us alone.

Ok now he's sayin I sent him a private message and he's copyin all my posts without my permission and sayin that I'm a big fan of his and that we're just reel close. I'm tellin u.. I'm not. How dare you rat man. I neva sent u ne private message and i sertenly didn't say u could use my posts 2 make it look like I'm ur friend. So stop it!!

In case u lot r 2 fooled by him and still think he's so nice and kind, he has hacked peeeple and sent them viruses and he cheats at evrything thing he does. I have proof so try me out rat man. He keeps tellin evry1 how he has no enemies and loves evry1. Is this what u do 2 ur friends rat man? why don't u just get lost and leave evry1 alone. There are dozens of peeple no what ur doin and u won't get away with it. U can fool some peeple who are so blind they can't see what ur doin but u can't fool evry1 and U will lose so just give up and go away and leave us all alone.

I haven't wanted 2 do this but I guess I'd betta spell it out 4 u lot who can't see what he's doin. The ratman is Zubli Zainordin. Got it????? If ya stupid enuff 2 keep hangin around with him and listenin 2 his lies then that's ur problem but if u do stay he will use u. don't take my word 4 it there are lots of peeple know the truth and we have proof so get lost creep!!! Go and annoy some sheep or somethin will ya!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm Santa's Blog of the day heeeee haaaaaaw

YeeeeeeeeHaaaaawwwww. I'm Santa's blog of the day. wooooo hoooooo hey, did u vote 4 me? If ya did thaaaaaaanku hehehehehehehe wanna smooch? hehehehehhehe oh no I only do that with the pweeeeety laaady hehehehehehe hey were is she ne way I want my smoochin buddy back hehehehe
Now listen up u lot. There's this walter winstuffing goin around hehehehehehe like me and sayin eeeek the ghost like me an all that stuff. well i told him off goood ya no but then i thort well he's ok weally so I gave him my spare elf badge an he can be my little brutha an stuff so he can say heheheheh if he wants but u'd betta rememba that it's only cause i said he cood ok? Good. we got that strate hehehehehehhe
now u'd betta be watching closely soon cause i'm gunna start a new compa tision soon and there'll be stuff to win and evry thing so u'd betta be watchin or else
now b4 I go i wanna tell u all somethin. there's some1 weally nasty on here lately. He's been hackin and sending nasty emails and doin stuff that even an elf woodn't do and that's pweeety nasty if ya ask me. Then he has the hide 2 say that he forgives them 4 doin it 2 him when it was him all the time. Wot a froootloop. He's a reel rat man and it aint the ghost eitha so there ratman i said it. If ya don't leeve my friends alone I'm just gunna have to say it right out loud who u r and ur name and evrything so evry1 nos 4 sure hoo u r so u don't go hurtin ne 1 else. Got it!!!!! an evry1 will beleve me cause i'm cute so there!!! So *&%$ off will ya!!!! do evry1 a favor u creep!!! ZZZZZZZZZ oops hehehehehhehehehehe
well evry1 I gotta go now but i'll be back an i'm tryin to find all the stuff u all gave me so I can tell evry1 next time. Hey Speedy.. U still wove me?? huh? hehehehehhehehehehe

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Vote 4 the Elf!!!! hehehehehhehehe

ok lets get seriass here. I turn my back 4 5 minuts and Santa starts a new thing. wouldn't ya no it. Ya can't keep a good Santa down espesyally when the ratman did so much damage. (i'll talk about him l8er) hehehehehehehehe
Now we can all see hoo got nomin8ed today as I see a partickular elf listed 2 hehehehehehehehe so listen up u lot!! and listen good!!
VOTE 4 THE ELF!!! hey wich part of that didn't ya understand. VOTE 4 THE ELF!!! hehehehehhehehehehhehehehe
I'm an elf ya no. I need stuff. u no that so just vote 4 me and get it ova with ok hehehehehehe
if ya keep lettin froggy win she'll get a fat head and I guess i'll have 2 eat her head instead of her legs but thats ok hehehehehehehhe Look in2 my eyes and say afta me VOTE 4 THE ELF!!!!! hehehehhehehehhehehehe
Ok 2 otha things. I no I got lots of stuff wile I wus away so where is it all eh? comeon coff it up and hurry up about it ok? u no I deserve it hehehehehhehe
and the last thing is the ratman had betta stay away from me an Santa and the pweeety lady and the lemonade lady and evry 1 else that he's hurt or else. I got friends in low places and they don't like rats as much as i don't so betta watch out ratman and stay away from my blog upsettin peeple and stuff. GET LOST!! but be4 ya go VOTE 4 THE ELF!!!!! hehehehehehhehehe
so i recon thats enuff 4 me 2day. I dont wanna give ya 2 much of my sparklin persunalitee do i hehehehehehhehehehe
i'll be back reely soon with another hunt 4 ya to play with me. The frog'll probublee win again but I guess that's what frogs do hehehehehehehe
see ya and don't 4 get VOTE 4 THE ELF!!!!! hehehehehheheheeh TODAY!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ok U lot. I'm back an I'm mean hehehehehhehe

See this? This is me shoos. Some1 stole them and I've been lookin 4 them 4 weeks an weeks. I no hoo it was. It was probublee the same dirty rat hoo gave Santa so much trubble and we all no hoo that is don't we? If ya don't just ask Santa.
n e way I wasn't comein back until that creep left Santa alone and he was gone. Well he aint gone yet but he sure has got his wings cut a bit but until he's gone I'm not comein back here much., I don't like creeps. Especially 1ones that pretend to be ur friend. What a ratman hehehehehehehhehe
so until I come back all the time ... cause u all luv me and need me here hehehehe..... u have a couple of jobs 2 do 4 elfy.
first.. get rid of the dirty rat 4 good. If I see his face on here newhere I'm outa here cause i can't stand creeps especially ones that pretend 2 be ur friend and use u especially when it was Santa. No1 hurts Santa an gets away with it.
an second.. I NEED STUFF. I no lots of u gave me stuff wile I been away but how am I sposed 2 work it out. I'm just an elf ya no so u'll have 2 tell me again wot I got ok hehehehehhehe
an third.. Did ya see huh? Huh? Did ya? Santa let me on his blog so I can say hello an stuff. hehehehehehehe Don't ya just luv it hehehehe I'm gonna be so smart and sofistacated and stuff that u won't believe it's the elf hehehehehe Boy is Santa silly sumtimes hehehe. He musta been reely upset 2 want me hehehehehehe
NE way u got ya jobs now that I gave em 2 u so off ya go and get doin wot I said or I'll eat the frog hehehehehehe Hey wears the cat gone 2? I didn't touch him honest hehehehehe
Well hurry up. Get started and I want reports on here about wot ur doin so get goin and I'll be back soon.. probublee

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I'm baaaack again cause U missed me hehehehe

Hey i'm baaaaack!! U no u can't get 2 many vacations can ya? I get so tired wen I work more than 2 days in a row. I haveta have time off them an rest up me tired little legs hehehehehehehe

But the good thing about cumin back is that sum nice peeple leave me stuff an so they should ne way cause I need stuff and i'm worth it. Honest I am hehehehe

so I'd betta tell ya about the stuff I can find wile I was away. If I miss Ne you'll tell me won't ya? hehehehe

well first the Lady hoos tree fell in the lake gave me a nice 1. It's a Shibumi. Goodness I deserve this. I weally do cause i'm betta than all of ya put 2 gether hehehehe thank you nice lady hoos tree fell in the lake. I love it. I love stuff!!! hehehehe

An then that little blue guy hoos always lost gave me a BTB award. Wot does I need 2 be. Huh? Cat got ya tung? hehehehehehehe I'm already reely good so do I need 2 be ne better? yeah!! thanks little blue man. I no 1 day u'll find out where u r hehehehehe

ok wots next? oh yeah!! The lady hoo used 2 be a duck. She weally used 2 quack me up hehehehehe She gave me a real nice 1. I weally like it hehehehe. I no why she loves my blog. I mean hoo wouldn't huh? hehehehe Thanku nice lady :-)

Wooooooo. Duz this eva stop. I'm just 2 good hehehehehe. Then the lemonade lady gave me lots of stuff but I told ya i'm worth it didn't I? I got a pumpkin, a bird an a splat. Evry1 needs a splat ya no hehehehehehe Than u lemonade lady. ur the best an I weally like them all. U no how much I luv stuff hehehehehehehehe

Woweeeee an then this 1 came 2. The lemonade lady an the cat man got a thing goin on woo hoo hehehehe an they gave me a special award that's all silva an stuff. I no they got a gold 1 there somewhere but they just gave me the silva 1 but I like it ya no. It's so cool and it's silva and I like silva but i like gold betta hehehehehe thankyou lemonade lady and cat man. No hanky panky now hehehehehehe an the say I'm a recommended read. well hooo didn't no that seein how artickulated I am an stuff hehehehehe

Now I kept the best 1 2 last. The lemonade lady is weally nice and kind and weally looks afta me cause I'm just a little elf and I'm all alone and I can't even cook and I havta eat frogs an stuff and it's all just weally weally sad hehehehehehehehe wear wus I hehehehe oh yeah the lemonade lady made me a special award that's just 4 me and the rest of u can go suck my socks cause it's mine and it's got my name on it so ya can't have it so there hehehehehehe I weally love lemonade now. It goes real good with frog legs and washes down the green slime wen ur eatin frogs. hehehehehehehehe
Ok that's all I can find 4 now. I no there must be more but I couldn't find them so 4 all u peeple that forgot to give me stuff here's ya chance to give me somethin and pretend I didn't find it hehehehehehehe Go on. wot r u waitin 4 hehehehehehehe

Monday, October 29, 2007

The Elf's Caption Contest.. U'd better do it!!

Hey wots up with this pitcha?

B4 I start to rite I just wanna say that this is the 2nd thing I've done 2day 4 U peeple hoo R 2 lazy to go lookin down the page further. So if ya haven't looked down there yet go an read the 1st 1 and come right back. Gee. do I haveta do it all 4 ya? hehehehehhehehehehe

Ok Ur back. Wot have u got 2 say 4 urself hey? heheheheh

Now lookit the pitcha right next to me here. Wot's up with this?

This is my next contest 4 U. U haveta think of a caption 4 this and put it in the comment below (look down). I'm gonna pick the best 1 and if it's U I pwomise u'll be very happy. Has the elf eva let U down? Hey!! I told U up the back. Keep it zipped will ya!! hehehehehehehe

Now if I don't get enuf peeple put in a comment then I'll just go on vacation again and u can all get ^$$^%^. hehehehehehe so u'd better get evry1 2 to a caption 4 this pitcha ok? Got it? Go ask speedy he'll help ya won't U speedy hehehehhehehehe

I expect no less than 50 entries so u'd betta teach ya dog 2 type or somethin. Go on!! Wot R U waitin 4

I'll be back!! hehehehehhehehehhehehehe

Hey Santa. I'm doin it again hehehehehehe

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