Thursday, September 6, 2007

No key no more

ok i no u all think ur so smart even after i gave u 7 trillion clues an i need clean socks evry day so i got rid of the key an changed to a combination lock. i won't have that problem again heheheheheheh
do ya like it. it's nice an red just like Santa hehehehe
now all i gotta do is remember the numba. i'll write it on the inside of my hat and then i won't have a problem. will i?
can ya at least go and clickit clickit clickit 4 me if ya haven't already? will ya? pweeeeze?
hey. did ya like the nice prezzies i got from the kitty and the lady whos tree fell in the lake. cool eh? hehehehehe
i'll let ya no how the new lock goes.

1 comment:

cotojo said...

Hello you little green Elf,
So pleased that your key has been found, but methinks you need to learn to count.....7 trillion clues that it?
So now you have a combination lock....I sure hope that you are going to stamp the correct numbers on your mooning butt so you don't forget them cos you're sure to lose your hat :)