Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The next Numba

Hey the 1st numba was 20 and the lady hoo promised me a cowboy hat got it 1st so she's the winna !!!! hehehehehehehe
ok u dummies wots the next numba. U must be real sad that an elf is smarta than U hehehehehehehe
The next numba is the numba of peeple who clickit it so far (the rest of u r mean and lousy hehehehe) plus the numba of days in the song about Christmas less the numba of leapin lords plus the numba of swimmin swans times the numba of rings.
Common wot's keepin u. I already worked it out but then again I'm smarta than U hehehehehehe
I wish u'd all hurry up cause I need 2 get in me chest. The pweety lady knitted me sum socks but I got smelly feet an need lots hehehehehehehehe
Hey how about some more stuff 4 me. I like pwezzies :-) hehehehehehehe


Shinade said...

Oh wow I got it Yayyyyy ....I never get math questions...YeeeeHawwwwww!!!!! :)))))))hugs!!!!

Shinade said...

31+12=43-10=33+7=40x5=200 so my answer is 200????? Hugs:)))

Blog Elf said...

ok smarty hat hehehehe just as well evry1 else is off doin stuff.. pwobabwy sleepin hehehehe

I can see I'm gonna hav 2 make this a lot harder in future.

Ok I no, i no, i no. ur a winna 2 times now. Smarty hat hehehehehehe

idn't it sad I didn't have lots more clickits. Cheap peeple around here hehehehehe

cotojo said...

Well done Jackie,
I only just got to see the question hahahaha

Guess I'll have to wait for the next one to pop up as Elfy is off feeding his face again :)

the ghosty man :)

Kim said...

drat I missed this one....I have been asleep for 2 I would have said 200 :P.....