Thursday, September 6, 2007

the key is found!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey listen up. some smarty finally found my key. I mean i just about had 2 draw a map an tattoo it on my.. but.. they finally found it. hehehehehe

i'm not sure if kitty found it or the frog or cat man but i'm sure when they finish gloating about how they could finally work it out after 7 trillion clues that i'll find out hooo to reward.

oh yeah. did i tell ya. i had a spare key so i got my socks days ago hehehehehehehe

so hoo wants the prize. someone tell me will ya or i'll keep it 4 myself

now that ur all happy will ya pweeeeze go an clickit clickit clickit. i entertained ya didn't i? so don't i get lots o clicks? huh?


purplefrogcat said...

very cute elfie. can`t the 3 of us share it?

Blog Elf said...

just 2 show u the elf has a heart u all get 1 hehehehehehehehehe. i'll rip it in 3 hehehehehe

Blog Author Ann Clemmons said...

I knew you had those socks! I want a prize! Lol! :)