Monday, October 15, 2007

Ne1 4 a froggy BBQ?

OK i'm baaaaaaaack!!! hehehehehehe hoo said i've had 2 many holidays lately. If I wanna disappear I will so there. I no hoo u r. hehehehhe

Well wile I've been gone I see the froggy has been saying I should eat a hippo an stuff so I think wot we should all do is have a froggy bbq. I even got the recipeeee. Wanna see it?? no choice. I'm gunna show u ne way hehehehehehe

I weally like the Salt Cod Brandade. It is a great brandade, served with pickled onions (that compliment, not confuse) and a few slices of toast to be used as dipping vehicles. I recommend it highly, and it's best ordered after the terrific fried frogs legs despite it reading more like a pre-Kermit thing. I copied that hehehehhehehe Hey!! U think I'm cleva enuf 2 write that? hehehehehhe I'm not all posh ya no hehehehehe

So I say let's get the frog and in the words of Barbie... common Froggy let's go paaaarty hehehehehehehehehe ullo breakfast hehehehehehe

I just remembered I pwomised Santa I would stick this stuff at the bottom of me posts heheheh Lookit this Santa. I did it hehehehehehe

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zublizainordin said...

Welcome Leader. Let's click it to the top of Technorati...

Blog Elf said...

wot u talkin about cat man? hehehehehehehehehehe Get the frog hehehehe

cotojo said...

Hey Elfy,

Welcome back to the land of frogs and clickety click :)

PurpleFrog now has a purple frog bry that is making you drool even more :)