Thursday, October 4, 2007

Hey.. I'm back an I got more stuff!!

Hey i no I been gone 4 a wile but I wus busy u no. I got stuff 2 do. Not just sit here all day entertainin u hehehehehehe but wile I wus gone lookit all the stuff i got hehehe

Hey, wot about u peeple hoo given me nothin. Come on give me stuff will ya hehehehehehehe
Well the first pretty 1 that Santa made wus given to me by the Lady hoos tree fell in the lake. She's nice cause she gives me lots of stuff hehehehehe niiiiiice laaaady hehehehe

An then the cat man gave me this 1 but I already got 1 of them so now I got 2 hehehehe i like it tho so it's ok cat man. Hey!! You aint the cat man n e more. Where's the kitty. I didn't eat him honest. I didn't I tell ya. I don't no where he is. Pwobably flyin or somethin hehehehe

An then the lady hooo ate a slug gave me this 1. it's very cool hehehehe I deserve it tho cause hoo else u gonna give stuff 2 that's as good as me huh? hehehehehe

Keep it all comin cause I want more stuff cause i'm just 2 good an elf hehehehe

Hey an wile I think of it. Why haven't you people hoo aint clicked me yet done it huh? Wot's wrong with u people. U 2 lazy or somethin 2 clickit 4 the elf. Wot's an elf gotta do around here 2 get a lousy clickit hehehehehehehe


Kim said...

wow Elf.....
you are soooo lucky to get all these great awards...... I'm jealous :0

Blog Author Ann Clemmons said...

Hey You, I gave you the Blogging That Hits The Mark award too! So you see, you have so many admirers you've got them confused! Thanks for the shout out, goofy elf~