Monday, October 29, 2007

I can't wait N E longer

Hey!! I'm baaaack. I couldn't stand it NE more. I wanted 110 membas an I wood be sittin here 4 the next 100 years if I waited 4 1 more. Couldn't ya just get me 1 more?? Talk about lousy hehehehehehhehehehe
Ok so wile I was away again I had peeple sendin me all this stuff. I LOVE stuff hehehehehehehehe don't it just make ya feel so loved hehehehehehehe
Hey!! Wot's wrong with all u peeple hoo didn't give me NE thing? come on speak up. Ok I no some of ya already have but U can give me more U no hehehehehehhe Make sure U do or else !! :-) hehehehehhehehe
So I'd better tell ya hoo gave me wat.
The Ghost eeeeeeeeek gave me the sweet as a cany apple thing. Aint it all just so true. No 1 is sweeter than the elf. Hey. Stop talking an pay attention. Yeah. U in the back. I'm watchin U. hehehehhe
Ok an the Ghost eeeeeeeekk gave me the red ink splot award. Don't ya just love things that splatter hehehehehehehe
Of course u'd have ta be stupid to not no that Santa gave me the Santa certified thingy. I'm so special an Santa still loves me. aaaawwwww he does ya no. He told me. hehehehehehehe
an Santa gave me the sweet candy cause he nos I love it just like I love gettin stuff. Hey!! Didn't I tell u lot 2 give me more stuff. I'm watchin an I no hoo hasn't u no. I'm not blind an stupid hehehehe
an then The slug lady gave me the super star award witch meens I'm just better than most peeple but we already new that didn't we. thank u slug lady hehehehehe
oh yeah! I neery forgot. The pweeety lady hoo smooches with me all the time behind the computa screen gave me the nice Tshirt thingy. She did pwomise me a wet T shirt with her wearin it but I guess I missed the points hehehehhehehehe I'm so funny. I quack myself up hehehehehehehe
wooooops. Some1 had 2 be last an I didn't do it on porpoise. My fwiend speedy gave me the pweeety flower thingy stuff 2 say that I'm very friendly. Awwwww thank U speedy. Ur the best. Can I have more stuff now? hehehehehehehe


Shinade said...

Oh wow you are a big deal...congratulations!! I fel really bad now that I haven't given you anhything lately...I will have to think of something or make you something...okay? Hugs, the lemonade lady:-)

Anonymous said...

Hehehehehehehehehhehe! I'm glad I made you happy. Uh oh! Why'd ya have to go and tell everyone about our secret smooching? :-)

Blog Elf said...

Aint a secret no more . Pucker up pweeety lady hehehehehehhehe

Blog Elf said...

I take cwedit cards lemonade lady hehehehehehehehe

Shinade said...

I have something special just for you and nobody else. Please come by and see what I have. I hope it makes you happy:-)

The Lemondae Lady

Kim said...

hey Elf
you're doing very well for yourself ..
big grats to you :-X
ps I think there will be another one for you at my place tomorrow :)

cotojo said...

Welcome back Elfyyyyy

Wow you got lots of nice stuff...maybe now you'll quit complaining :)

Congratulations you deserve them all :)

So your secrets are coming out now then huh?
Have a great day and don't go scaring the kiddies with your smile :)


purplefrogcat said...

Thats alot of awards my little friend..keep it up..