Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Vote 4 the Elf!!!! hehehehehhehehe

ok lets get seriass here. I turn my back 4 5 minuts and Santa starts a new thing. wouldn't ya no it. Ya can't keep a good Santa down espesyally when the ratman did so much damage. (i'll talk about him l8er) hehehehehehehehe
Now we can all see hoo got nomin8ed today as I see a partickular elf listed 2 hehehehehehehehe so listen up u lot!! and listen good!!
VOTE 4 THE ELF!!! hey wich part of that didn't ya understand. VOTE 4 THE ELF!!! hehehehehhehehehehhehehehe
I'm an elf ya no. I need stuff. u no that so just vote 4 me and get it ova with ok hehehehehehe
if ya keep lettin froggy win she'll get a fat head and I guess i'll have 2 eat her head instead of her legs but thats ok hehehehehehehhe Look in2 my eyes and say afta me VOTE 4 THE ELF!!!!! hehehehhehehehhehehehe
Ok 2 otha things. I no I got lots of stuff wile I wus away so where is it all eh? comeon coff it up and hurry up about it ok? u no I deserve it hehehehehhehe
and the last thing is the ratman had betta stay away from me an Santa and the pweeety lady and the lemonade lady and evry 1 else that he's hurt or else. I got friends in low places and they don't like rats as much as i don't so betta watch out ratman and stay away from my blog upsettin peeple and stuff. GET LOST!! but be4 ya go VOTE 4 THE ELF!!!!! hehehehehehhehehe
so i recon thats enuff 4 me 2day. I dont wanna give ya 2 much of my sparklin persunalitee do i hehehehehehhehehehe
i'll be back reely soon with another hunt 4 ya to play with me. The frog'll probublee win again but I guess that's what frogs do hehehehehehehe
see ya and don't 4 get VOTE 4 THE ELF!!!!! hehehehehheheheeh TODAY!!


Shinade said...

Congratulations...and I always keep my voting secret. But you know that I love you...so who knowsssssss??????

cotojo said...

eeeeeeeeeek.....scary huh? You looked in that fairground mirror again?
Hey....there's loads of goodies a my blog for you..I'll list them tomorrow as it's kinda late here...and I have been hypnotized into casting a vote :)

Take care my little friend.
eeeeeek Ghost

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Speedy song fer U

Doo do dooo do
......you give chicken, I go vote
......you give chicken, I go vote
......you give chicken, I go vote
......you give chicken, I go voooooote!!! That's what it's all about.

1 2 3 4 7 8 9 10 chicken wings :-)

Shinade said...

hey Elfyyyyyyy....yay for U!! You did it Elfyyyy!! Congratulations to you my favorite little friend:)
The Lemonade lady

Hot Dawg you can step high in those boots now:)

Blog Elf said...

wooo hoooo 4 me. hey i deserve it don't i hehehehehhehe yah 4 me !!!!! hehehhee