Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rat man is a liar and a cheat

Ok listen up u lot. I no I'm not the smartest elf there is or the nicest but what just happened has reely %$%^# me off weally big time.

I have tried to be nice and have told a certain person 2 just leave me alone but now he is tellin lies about me and I'm not puttin up with that.

I have been nice and not named the person who has been hacking and cheating and lying and takin the credit for what evry1 else does but this time he went 2 far and said things about me which r a total lie 2 make it look like I'm a friend of his. I used 2 be I no until I saw what he was doin and how he was hurting peeple and the way he was chattin up all the women and talkin dirty 2 them when he is married and has 7 kids. I'm not even that creepy. Evry time he did it the women would get so upset they would leave or block him because he's 2 stupid 2 get the point and leave them alone. He used to send me dirty pitchas and think it was funny. Creep!!!! Why do ya think the blog fairy disappeared. Cause of him. and now the new blog fairy is hidin from him. Well done creep. Y don't ya find some otha creep to pick on and leave us alone.

Ok now he's sayin I sent him a private message and he's copyin all my posts without my permission and sayin that I'm a big fan of his and that we're just reel close. I'm tellin u.. I'm not. How dare you rat man. I neva sent u ne private message and i sertenly didn't say u could use my posts 2 make it look like I'm ur friend. So stop it!!

In case u lot r 2 fooled by him and still think he's so nice and kind, he has hacked peeeple and sent them viruses and he cheats at evrything thing he does. I have proof so try me out rat man. He keeps tellin evry1 how he has no enemies and loves evry1. Is this what u do 2 ur friends rat man? why don't u just get lost and leave evry1 alone. There are dozens of peeple no what ur doin and u won't get away with it. U can fool some peeple who are so blind they can't see what ur doin but u can't fool evry1 and U will lose so just give up and go away and leave us all alone.

I haven't wanted 2 do this but I guess I'd betta spell it out 4 u lot who can't see what he's doin. The ratman is Zubli Zainordin. Got it????? If ya stupid enuff 2 keep hangin around with him and listenin 2 his lies then that's ur problem but if u do stay he will use u. don't take my word 4 it there are lots of peeple know the truth and we have proof so get lost creep!!! Go and annoy some sheep or somethin will ya!!!

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mauniejames3 said...

I'm so sorry elfy...if you say so...I believe you..I know someone
is up to no good and enough people have suffered...you just take it easy dear friend and know we are all behind you and love you...