Sunday, November 11, 2007

I'm baaaack again cause U missed me hehehehe

Hey i'm baaaaack!! U no u can't get 2 many vacations can ya? I get so tired wen I work more than 2 days in a row. I haveta have time off them an rest up me tired little legs hehehehehehehe

But the good thing about cumin back is that sum nice peeple leave me stuff an so they should ne way cause I need stuff and i'm worth it. Honest I am hehehehe

so I'd betta tell ya about the stuff I can find wile I was away. If I miss Ne you'll tell me won't ya? hehehehe

well first the Lady hoos tree fell in the lake gave me a nice 1. It's a Shibumi. Goodness I deserve this. I weally do cause i'm betta than all of ya put 2 gether hehehehe thank you nice lady hoos tree fell in the lake. I love it. I love stuff!!! hehehehe

An then that little blue guy hoos always lost gave me a BTB award. Wot does I need 2 be. Huh? Cat got ya tung? hehehehehehehe I'm already reely good so do I need 2 be ne better? yeah!! thanks little blue man. I no 1 day u'll find out where u r hehehehehe

ok wots next? oh yeah!! The lady hoo used 2 be a duck. She weally used 2 quack me up hehehehehe She gave me a real nice 1. I weally like it hehehehe. I no why she loves my blog. I mean hoo wouldn't huh? hehehehe Thanku nice lady :-)

Wooooooo. Duz this eva stop. I'm just 2 good hehehehehe. Then the lemonade lady gave me lots of stuff but I told ya i'm worth it didn't I? I got a pumpkin, a bird an a splat. Evry1 needs a splat ya no hehehehehehe Than u lemonade lady. ur the best an I weally like them all. U no how much I luv stuff hehehehehehehehe

Woweeeee an then this 1 came 2. The lemonade lady an the cat man got a thing goin on woo hoo hehehehe an they gave me a special award that's all silva an stuff. I no they got a gold 1 there somewhere but they just gave me the silva 1 but I like it ya no. It's so cool and it's silva and I like silva but i like gold betta hehehehehe thankyou lemonade lady and cat man. No hanky panky now hehehehehehe an the say I'm a recommended read. well hooo didn't no that seein how artickulated I am an stuff hehehehehe

Now I kept the best 1 2 last. The lemonade lady is weally nice and kind and weally looks afta me cause I'm just a little elf and I'm all alone and I can't even cook and I havta eat frogs an stuff and it's all just weally weally sad hehehehehehehehe wear wus I hehehehe oh yeah the lemonade lady made me a special award that's just 4 me and the rest of u can go suck my socks cause it's mine and it's got my name on it so ya can't have it so there hehehehehehe I weally love lemonade now. It goes real good with frog legs and washes down the green slime wen ur eatin frogs. hehehehehehehehe
Ok that's all I can find 4 now. I no there must be more but I couldn't find them so 4 all u peeple that forgot to give me stuff here's ya chance to give me somethin and pretend I didn't find it hehehehehehehe Go on. wot r u waitin 4 hehehehehehehe